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  • Time Teens: The Beginning
    Time Teens: The Beginning
    Posted by : Ryan Alexander Dewar
    Time travel exists. William is a Tourasaiche (pilgrim time traveller) in charge of policing time crime in Scotland. When he is sent a letter from the past telling him of a darker future, he must decide what is important to him. Filmed with no Pro...
  • minneapolis may be for lovers
    minneapolis may be for lovers
    Posted by : Anna Swanson
    Chance is unavoidable. It guides our daily experience in tiny ways—it is the beginning of every love story or grand adventure. I am interested in how chance transforms an artwork, an artist, and the viewer; in letting chance blurs the lines between...
  • The First Date
    The First Date
    Posted by : Mason Makram
    How far will fate go? Jack and Rachel are about to find out. Destined to be soul mates, these two are embarking on a lifelong love. There's only one problem – they have to get past their first date. The night always ending in a heated argument, the...
  • Ger Kler: A Journey of Untold Strength
    Ger Kler: A Journey of Untold Strength
    Posted by : Diana Elhard
    Inspired by a Karen student from their own college community, Extending the Link traveled to Thailand in December, 2013 to investigate the condition of the Karen refugee population. The team learned that most of the Karen refugees in Thailand are dis...
  • Francesca
    Posted by : Gaëna da Sylva
    'Francesca' was inspired by the art and life of American photographer Francesca Woodman, who committed suicide by jumping out of an East Village apartment window on January 19, 1981, at the age of 22. Madden who lives in the Lower East Side / Chinato...
  • Twilight
    Alicia is a girl who dreams of being an actress, but works as a clown in a traveling circus. Going on circuit through a remote mountain community she meets Abelito, a child with a skin illness that doesn’t allow him to expose at sunlight...
  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein
    Posted by : John Akre
    An animated film from a poem by Matthew Zapruder about loss and the General Theory of Relativity.
  • In The Shadow of Paul Bunyan
    In The Shadow of Paul Bunyan
    Posted by : Nik Nerburn
    In The Shadow of Paul Bunyan tells the story of how the famous lumberjack and his big blue ox became the de-facto protagonists in Minnesota's creation story. At the same time, it spans the unresolved histories of conquest and conflict that exist in P...
  • Driver
    Posted by : David Mair
    An under-appreciated driving professional must push his skills to the limit in order to earn the respect of the neighborhood kids.
    Posted by : Dikenga Films
    World Premiere: RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL // London, England // October 2014 Opening Night Gala Film: PERLEN // Hannover, Germany // October 2014 Homochrom // Filmforum Koln, Germany // October 2014 Birminghamd SHOUT // Special Event Screening LGBT...
  • A Ghost and the Boy [with a Box on his Head]
    A Ghost and the Boy [with a Box on his Head]
    Posted by : Philip Blue
    Theo, an 18 year old boy who has a shrewd perception on reality, has an encounter with someone from deep within his subconscious; his image of a perfect girl, Sadie, who he has been looking for since he can remember. Unaware that others cannot see he...
  • Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man
    Geeky Pheebs: An Ideal Man
    Posted by : Sammy Sarzoza
    An introverted young woman uses the power of her imagination to muster up the courage to introduce herself to her ideal man.
  • The Red Dress
    The Red Dress
    Posted by : Sammy Sarzoza
    The Red Dress is a hard-hitting crime drama that finds two people coming to terms with their emotions for each other as the consequences of their actions begin to fold in on them.
  • Time Machine (Music Video by Maybelleen)
    Time Machine (Music Video by Maybelleen)
    Posted by : Peter
    The psychedelic video is a perfect fit to the themes of eternal happiness and living life one day at a time. A tidbit about the video: brothers Peter and Charles Camiré are driving around in a 1928 Nash, which is also the year the movie Speedy came ...
  • Archeology
    Posted by : Yvonne Grzenkowicz
    Looking to the future, digging up the past! The song Archaeology is from the album No School Today by Danny Weinkauf. Video by eyesnare inc. Directed by Yvonne Grzenkowicz
  • FAQ
    Posted by : Josh Cisewski
    A young man struggles coping with the death of his wife by turning to a super computer for answers.
  • For Dinner
    For Dinner
    Posted by : Jeffrey Williams
    A seemingly normal date turns out to be more than what an attractive exotic dancer had planned, when the man she has met on online invites her to his house for dinner, but when he drugs her wine, she wakes up to find herself bound and gagged in his b...
  • Avarice
    Posted by : Scott McEntire
    When Daddy died, he left the map to his treasure with his oldest son, Merle. But he left the combination to the lock with his younger son, Ronald. This is what happens when the two estranged brothers reunite with one goal in mind... to get the money.
  • Charisma
    Posted by : Tatiana Fedorovskaya
    A 50-year man without charisma and ambitions conducts a simple, uninvolved life. He is satisfied with his solitude. The only thing he allows himself is to have a little vodka at the bar after his loathed work on Friday evenings. Once he meets there a...
  • Man's Paradox
    Man's Paradox
    Posted by : Barney Frydman
    This film, made in stop-motion, sets in pictures the paradox of the Man who hides injuries on the inside, as all of us...