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  • Why I'm Not On Facebook
    Why I'm Not On Facebook
    Posted by : Brant Pinvidic
    One man's soul searching decision on whether or not he should join Facebook sets him off on an epic journey of self-discovery as he weighs the pros and cons of becoming a member of the world's largest social networking site. Along the way he talks wi...
  • Green Thumb
    Green Thumb
    Posted by : Phil lorin
    When busy parents discover their six-year-old son's lovingly maintained marijuana plant in the backyard, they disagree on what to do about it.
    Posted by : Michael Fodera
    A sheltered and struggling young actor, Ian, receives a call from his agent about an upcoming audition. Shortly after, Ian begins to see disturbing visions of the immediate future and he soon realizes that having this ability is not exactly a welcome...
  • All The Days...
    All The Days...
    Posted by : Alexander Villafane
    When a soldier returns home to visit his estranged father, three lives will be altered forever.
  • A Box Came to Brooklyn
    A Box Came to Brooklyn
    Posted by : Jason Cusato
    Naïve manchild Johnny stumbles upon an anonymous box on his quiet Brooklyn street.Panicky residents gather to investigate. What’s in it, and who left it? Good-natured Steve struggles to be the voice of reason as and speculation turns to accusation...
  • The Shattered Mind
    The Shattered Mind
    A young deaf high school senior struggles with a traumatic past and suffers from nightmares and flashbacks that takes her back to her childhood days.
  • Hello, My Name is Frank . . .
    Hello, My Name is Frank . . .
    Posted by : Wendy Peterson
    After his caregiver dies, a recluse with Tourette's is thrust into the harsh realities of the world when he is dragged along on a road trip with three teenage girls.
  • Leaving Circadia
    Leaving Circadia
    Posted by : Drew Seltzer
    New Yorkers on the cusp of thirty strive to balance their fading dreams with the growing responsibilities of life, love, and career in this witty coming-of-age ensemble dramedy.
  • I Dream Too Much
    I Dream Too Much
    Posted by : Ed McWilliams
    Misadventure awaits high-spirited and recent college grad Dora when she travels to frozen upstate New York to care for her reclusive Great Aunt.
  • Tumble Dry Low
    Tumble Dry Low
    Posted by : Jefferson Stein
    A little girl and her father deal with loss in East Texas.
  • Queen Mimi
    Queen Mimi
    Posted by : Yaniv Rokah
    When you feel like a queen, even a laundromat can be a palace. Marie “Mimi” Haist defied her adulterous husband and moved onto the streets in her 50s, living in parking lots and doorways until finding her “home” one stormy night betwee...
  • New Generation Queens: a Zanzibar soccer story
    New Generation Queens: a Zanzibar soccer story
    Posted by : Meg Shutzer
    The New Generation Queens is the story of Zanzibar's women's soccer team. On an island where religion bars women from playing soccer, the Queens very existence resists cultural norms and complicates assumptions about Islam and gender identity. When t...
  • The Apple tree
    The Apple tree
    Posted by : Scott Storm
    When a young boy's wooded sanctuary falls victim to vandalism, he takes it upon himself to put things right at all cost. Not even a constant, nagging hunger can deter him his self-appointed task.
  • Illogo
    Posted by : Tommaso
    Luca is a graphic designer obsessed by a business' announcement for the realization of the new company logo. Time and ideas are lacking, so he begins to hesitate. One day Luca draws inspiration from a graffiti and realizes a logo that permit him to w...
  • Sabre Dance
    Sabre Dance
    Posted by : Ilya
    After giving a performance to the people of Spain, world-famous composer Aram Khachaturian is showered with praise and even gets an opportunity to meet Salvador Dali. Soon, Aram learns that artists can be completely different in their attitude to li...
  • My Brother's Keeper
    My Brother's Keeper
    Posted by : Mike Dollaway
    When JC's little brother Tim and his dopey friends try to rob the bar JC manages, Tim kills a security guard and JC must decide how far he is willing to go to keep his brother out of jail.
  • Stuck in Traffick
    Stuck in Traffick
    Posted by : Rebecca Rubin
    Stuck in Traffick is a story about a teenage girl’s struggle to cope with the impact of domestic violence in her life. Cassie’s life at home is unbearable. Her father is abusive to Cassie and her mother in every way. Cassie is forced to live al...
  • My Brother's Girlfriend
    My Brother's Girlfriend
    Posted by : Nicholas Marchese
    When his brother returns home with a surprise girlfriend, Chadwick Hensen is faced with a complication, diverting him from his everyday routine. While his parents idolize Eric, Chad is left with no form of motivation or support. One relationship beco...
  • Shaded Reflections
    Shaded Reflections
    A woman witnesses an unexpected change in her life. The way she will react to that experience will define her future. A story about courage, loss and self-worth.
  • Behind the Mirror
    Behind the Mirror
    Posted by : Minos Papas
    A traumatized writer moves to rural New York with his family, but when hostile townspeople invade his privacy and a cunning shaman manipulates him, his life spirals out of control.