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  • Come Find Me
    Come Find Me
    Posted by : Nela Wagman
    A sensitive five-year-old girl finds the connection to her parents severed by trauma; in search of comfort and company, she drifts into fantasy.
  • Routine
    Posted by : Maria
    Five next-door neighbors eavesdrop on pedestrians passing outside of their apartments. One morning, they overhear something that disrupts their daily routine.
    Posted by : Edu R. Spiteri
    In the decline of his career, the former No. 1 receives an invitation to play a doubles tournament. The prize is the golden and diamonds racket of Antwerp. He will choose as partner his main rival, who is confined in a mental institution.
  • Walking Rebel
    Walking Rebel
    Posted by : Oleg Blinov
    This is the story about one day in the life of a young writer, Fedor Bogdanovich who doesn’t want to stay inside. However, he lives in a world where everyone believes they are safer by staying and working at home and digitally connecting to the wor...
  • Evergreen
    Posted by : Paul Daisuke Goodman
    On his way up north to visit friends, BEN picks up a mutual acquaintance, SAM, from her apartment in the city. Instead of taking the Interstate, they both agree for the longer but more scenic coastal highway, exploring and developing a companionship....
    Posted by : Andy Stapp
    While on a road trip from a long weekend at the Terlingua cookoff, four lifelong friends decide to veer off road and venture into a small West Texas town known as Marfa. What attracted them to do so? Could it be the strange unexplained ghost lights t...
    Posted by : Anthony Ash Brennan
    NYE 2019. Director and film maker Ash Brennan lost his house in the Conjola Park Bushfire which nearly killed his brother and many others who stayed to fight. From a Perth hotel room Ash saw the first image of what used to be his house in the backgro...
  • Majestic 8
    Majestic 8
    Posted by : Tyler Jacob Stevens
    A coming-of-age comedy set in 2008, MAJESTIC 8 follows high schooler Brandon, whose desperate search for a job leads him to the poorly managed Orlando branch of the Majestic Theatres cinema chain, where he shakes up the dynamics amongst the young, ec...
  • Race Night
    Race Night
    Posted by : Sean Jackson
    Race Night is a documentary short exploring the culture and community of flat-track motorcycle racing in America’s Midwest. It follows three teenagers who, alongside their parents, pursue the dreams of the generations before them. Race Night tender...
  • Generation Lockdown
    Generation Lockdown
    Posted by : Sirad Balducci
    GENERATION LOCKDOWN is a 17 minute narrative short film, seen through the eyes of an eleven year old boy as he tries to save his friend’s life during an active shooter attack in his school. This film is based on a short story by Caleb, a 6th grade...
  • Sundown
    Posted by : Hannah Balagot
    A woman with Alzheimer's and her husband experience an unexpectedly magical day in New York City.
  • All Hail the Champion
    All Hail the Champion
    Posted by : Eric Lochstampfor
    A depressed man goes to the same therapist as a superhero.
  • Gold
    Posted by : Jade Charon
    Inspired by the legacy of Breonna Taylor and comic books series like Black Panther, Gold is a Black Woman Superhero dance film that explores Black American culture, ancestry, and fantasy through dance.
  • Another Conversation
    Another Conversation
    Posted by : Nour Almoujabber
    When Tom reaches the very edge of his sanity, it’s up to Jack to talk him down. Little does Jack know that not only is Tom intending to end his life - he’s about to shake the very core of their entire relationship.
  • My Friend's Play
    My Friend's Play
    Posted by : Barrett Shuler
    A mother's love. A co-workers support. A friend's obligation. They all had reasons to see the play. Would their lives ever be the same?
  • Prologue
    Posted by : Fourwind Films
    Prologue is a short film charged with secrets and terrible communication skills. It follows Julie, a young Italian woman living in Northern California who is perfectly happy in her marriage until she stops being able to go along with what her husband...
  • Spleen
    Posted by : Maxime Brunet-Duval
    A father is getting more and more anxious as his family is getting further away from him.
  • The Consultation
    The Consultation
    Posted by : Morgan01
    Aniès, an arrogant woman, believes she can perfectly handle her future until the day she has a decisive meeting that will predict the exact opposite...
  • Salmon Run
    Salmon Run
    Posted by : Anthony Barbarich
    There are two friends named Paislee and Aviana having a conversation on the plain of existence between death and the afterlife. There is a tremendous amount physical, mental and spiritual pain for both characters. Paislee is the character that has...
  • Swimming Upstream
    Swimming Upstream
    Posted by : Caren Messing
    Sometimes life may be experienced as a test in determination and tenacity and is played out in our dreams. Reaching for another shape like words making their way through dreams, perhaps, life in its complexity—makes a surreal experience after all.