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  • Daddydelphia
    Posted by : Harold Eric
    Five twenty-somethings become lost while on a road trip to a weekend getaway due to their navigator’s alcohol-fueled gross negligence. As a result, they are no longer destined for sunshine and pool time. Rather, they are relegated to life in a smal...
  • Cry Later
    Cry Later
    Posted by : Danny Reyes
    A woman stumbles through her daily life as her depression followers her around. When her confidence attempts to rectify situations, it often only makes them worse.
  • The Stranger
    The Stranger
    Posted by : Bobby Friedman
    A cruel, self-serving man is disillusioned by a surreal mental lapse, leaving him lost in Brooklyn, estranged from his comfortable life.
  • How Much We Feel
    How Much We Feel
    Posted by : Tanya Nauvel
    How Much We Feel takes an intimate look at an interracial relationship over the course of its first year, as told through slices of their life. This short examines how the couple grows together and struggles with subtle, modern racial issues they enc...
    Posted by : Sam Clark
    Sam Clark is running for City Council in a purple district in Fairview, Colorado. And he’s running in a new, bold, and very American way—with no platform of his own. His platform is a platform of pure democracy: it’s all direct quotes, from rea...
  • In a Whole New Way
    In a Whole New Way
    Posted by : Jonathan Fisher
    Ensnaring almost four million Americans, probation has evolved from a way to avoid prison to a sanction actually feeding mass incarceration. Some people of color set out to change all this, equipped only with cameras.
  • Andrà tutto bene
    Andrà tutto bene
    Posted by : Carolina Ielardi
    During the first lockdown, Chiara feels safe at home and tries to spend her time as best she can. During a video call with her sister, strange things begin to happen in the flat.
  • blackball
    Posted by : Steven Tsakanikas
    Following the narrative throughout Carmelo Anthony's career, blackball celebrates an all-time comeback story by one of the all-time players in NBA history.
  • Right Livelihood A Journey To Here
    Right Livelihood A Journey To Here
    Posted by : Tricia Brouk
    In this short documentary, we go behind the scenes with Buddhist Chaplain, Justin Von Bujdoss as he shares the complex and important role he plays in holding space for the correction officers during meditation at Rikers Island one of the most dangero...
    Posted by : LANZMANN DAVID
    A contemporary vision of a generation in Paris, today. Savage Days is the fate of three characters: a student eager for experiences, a dealer who has just landed in the world of drugs but who is trying to get out of it, and a trader tired of his lon...
  • Aseem (Without Boundaries)
    Aseem (Without Boundaries)
    Posted by : Blazing Films
    Aseem is a story of dreams - some broken, some realised. Told through the eyes of Irfan - a young boy who dreams of being a motorbike designer and Anita a doctor who dreams of building a hospital for women in her village. Having met by chance on a...
  • 1st and 10 to Life
    1st and 10 to Life
    Posted by : Derrick Painter
    A troubled young man makes a costly mistake which sentences him to prison. He uses faith and a hidden talent for football to bring him salvation.
  • Google Man
    Google Man
    Posted by : Derrick Painter
    A nondescript man gets a rare opportunity when he is nominated to have groundbreaking neurosurgery to have the power of Google implanted into his brain.
  • The Moonlight in July
    The Moonlight in July
    Posted by : Sean Hinds
    When aspiring novelist Myles goes to a dinner party and runs into July, a beautiful blind woman who’s an old flame from his past, he’s tempted to spontaneously declare his love for her and rekindle their passionate relationship. But now that Myle...
  • The hole
    The hole
    Posted by : Fang,Hsin-Kai
    A soldier hides in a cave to avoid the big snake in the woods. He finds a brief rest in the cave, even makes a little bat friend. But after eating all of the foods, he hears the snake hissing again.
    Posted by : IVAN MORA MANZANO
    After a break-up, Julia moves into a cold apartment surrounded by unpacked boxes and deals with small everyday conflicts of her solitude: Spending the day in pajamas, working on mediocre jobs, eating excessively, while attempting to fulfill her dream...
  • Senior Skip Day
    Senior Skip Day
    Posted by : David LeBlanc
    In the final weeks of high school in 1976, seven seniors take part in the time-honored tradition of Senior Skip Day, but it becomes a day around which all of their lives will change forever.
  • Brando's Spoon
    Brando's Spoon
    Posted by : MAC BRYDON
    Two brothers at odds bicycle across New York City in hopes of locating a beloved family heirloom.
  • Broken Souls
    Broken Souls
    Julián decides to embark on a journey with no destination, leaving everything behind. Ten years later, he returns in search of his past and finds María, the woman who was once his wife, in the company of Santiago, a writer who has given her solace....
  • The Hideaway
    The Hideaway
    No longer girlie enough for her girlfriends and starting to become too girlie for her guy friends, and eager to grow up, Nika, a 14-year old tomboy, is just trying to figure out her place in the adolescent world. When she hears rumor that her mother ...