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  • Ty's List: a documentary about living life to the fullest.
    Ty's List: a documentary about living life to the fullest.
    Posted by : Ben Prawer
    Three strangers come together on a journey to honor their life-loving friend, who died at 23, by exploring a list of his favorite things to do in his hometown of San Francisco.
  • 100 Dresses for Christmas
    100 Dresses for Christmas
    Posted by : Anastasia Foss
    A 6yo girl gets inspired, after watching the original Annie movie, to make 100 dresses with the overseeing and directional help of her seamstress mother for Christmas 2014.
  • Get Happy!
    Get Happy!
    Posted by : Sania Jhankar
    A perpetually miserable man finds happiness when he starts dating a manic pixie dream girl, to the befuddlement of his cynical best friend.
  • All These Flowers
    All These Flowers
    Posted by : Kevin Bryce
    All These Flowers tells the emotionally charged story of 6 people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder from across the United States. They come from different family structures, financial situations, and treatment strategies. Shot over the course of 2 yea...
  • Cinder Pumpkin
    Cinder Pumpkin
    Posted by : Fi Dieter
    Cinder Ellen James believes all she needs for the gorgeous, unreachable Max to fall in love with her is one chance.
  • Office Confessions
    Office Confessions
    Posted by : Joshua
    At any given time there are hundreds of stories going on in the lives of office is a look into the lives of all the different employees of a typical office...their relationships, their personal problems and even the craziness that sho...
  • On the Line Film Festival
    On the Line Film Festival
    Posted by : Frozen Film festival
    The On the Line Film Festival (OLFF), is an International film festival that showcases films of all genres in all categories, including: Feature Length films, Short Films, Documentaries, Foreign, Web content, animation, and more! The festival wil...
  • Bar Songs
    Bar Songs
    Posted by : Ryan Collins
    A hapless alcoholic embarks on a musical quest for love and acceptance, through the bars and streets of Queens, New York, and the trenches of his booze-addled mind.
  • Dive
    Posted by : Julia Parnell
    A year after the death of the love of his life, George has hit rock bottom. He’s disheveled, living in squalor and lacking hygiene. He can’t even hang himself properly. He’s in such a sorry state that this morning, in the bathroom, George d...
  • Lift Every Voice
    Lift Every Voice
    Posted by : Monet Gray
    The Regents Exams are Mandatory assessment tests for every student who wishes to graduate from a New York State/City High School. This movie sheds light on how a teacher was able to get her students motivated and interested into the exam and their ed...
  • A New York Pair
    A New York Pair
    Posted by : Charles Warburton
    A young couple begin to wonder if they have to choose between love and ambition in such an unforgiving city.
  • Trolloween
    Posted by : BJ Klophaus
    Teenagers and trolls are scary enough, but what happens when you combine them? In Trolloween, YouTube's biggest makeup vlogger makes a deal with the devil -- for every teenage girl she turns into a murderous IRL troll, the more subscribers she gets. ...
    Posted by : Christina Raia
    Five college students take off for a ski trip, but when they end up at the wrong location they soon realize they're in for much more than just a snow-filled weekend with friends.
  • Grandpa's Debtor
    Grandpa's Debtor
    Posted by : Beka
    A family of swindlers search for the funeral services of rich people noted in the newspapers. Afterwards, a visit to these families with news that the deceased person owed money ensues.
  • Magic for Beginners
    Magic for Beginners
    Posted by : Kerry Miller
    A young boy and girl join forces when they are stranded at school for the day. This film celebrates the joy and wonder of childhood discovery. It reminds us how much fun it is to believe.
  • Joe's Dairy
    Joe's Dairy
    Joe's Dairy, a classic New York City “Mom and Pop” store, is nestled in the heart of downtown Manhattan. This film chronicles the history of the store, shows how their famed mozzarella cheese is produced and explores its ever-changing relationshi...
  • Lost Penny
    Lost Penny
    Posted by : Roberto Munoz
    When Penny finds a magical box that promises her greatest wish, she is plunged into an upside-down world of smoke and mirrors... that conceal a dark secret.
  • Simpler Times
    Simpler Times
    Posted by : MonaVision
    Harry (Jerry Stiller), a recently widowed man in his golden years, finds himself trapped in the world of modern technology when all he wants is the newspaper. "Simpler Times" also features a special guest appearance by the other half of legendary com...
  • Wedgerino
    Posted by : Aaron Wertheimer
    The storied friendship of Larry and Carl faces its ultimate test when the unlikely warriors are forced to square off in the boxing ring, in this offbeat comedy.
  • Falling to Pieces
    Falling to Pieces
    Posted by : Chris Connolly
    Falling to Pieces is an 18-minute short film directed by Chris & Vivian Connolly, written by Chris Connolly, and starring Elisabeth Jamison. Cassandra had no idea that her husband Eddie had checked the organ donation box on his driver’s license....