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  • Fractal
    Posted by : Luis Marciliano
    Juvi is dealing with the burden of guilt put upon him by his boyfriend, when an otherworldly force gives him the opportunity to begin a journey of forgiveness.
  • "A" For Alpha
    "A" For Alpha
    Posted by : Reggie Lochard
    Harrison is a man stuck between two worlds: the one he was raised to know and the reality that he is actually living. Harrison and Vanessa appear to have the perfect relationship, but Harrison is struggling with insecurities regarding his role as a m...
  • Black Girls Cheer
    Black Girls Cheer
    Posted by : Morgan Carnevale
    What happens when a previously homogeneous community gains diverse participants who continually push the boundaries of the original mold? How do underrepresented athletes celebrate the very challenges that keep them from fitting in? Nothing comes e...
  • BLINDADO (Steel  Clad)
    BLINDADO (Steel Clad)
    Posted by : Carlos Antonio
    A plot to steal $12 Million from an insurance company goes wrong when the chosen scapegoat outsmarts the plotters and gives them a run for their money. FULL ACTION
  • Ex-Sisters-in-Law
    Posted by : Allison Youngberg
    Ex-Sisters-in-Law hilariously confronts the meaning of family, friendship and economic disparity - this pathos-filled story follows the reunion of the sheltered Millicent, who wants nothing more than to have her sister-in-law back and Deniz, the prag...
  • ALA KACHUU - Take and Run
    ALA KACHUU - Take and Run
    Posted by : Nadine Lüchinger
    Sezim (19) wants to fulfil her dream of studying in the Kyrgyz capital when she gets kidnapped by a group of young men and taken to the hinterland. There she’s forced to marry a stranger. If she refuses the marriage, she is threatened with social s...
  • Apart We Are Together
    Apart We Are Together
    Posted by : Matthew Farman
    A pandemic lockdown short embracing the limits of isolation to remind us that while the restrictions on travel and human connection have altered, the nature of human connection and sense of togetherness is as true and important as ever.
  • The Black Kite
    The Black Kite
    Posted by : I-Hui LEE
    Taiwan, 1960s, a time of political chaos and military surveillance. After a long disappearance, a father is finally reunited with his wife and daughter in their village. But the happy reunion soon gives way to the lingering trauma of political violen...
  • Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
    Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
    Posted by : Howy Bratherton
    Dave's the kind of guy who enjoys nothing more than a cool beer after a hard day's graft in his quiet neighbourhood. This idyllic life is shattered by a noisy scooter's incessant motoring past his house. Driven to distraction, Dave is on a mission to...
  • Mutiny!
    Posted by : Matthew Gratzner
    Mutiny! is a swashbuckling, action-adventure comedy featuring a progressive Captain dealing with a crew that's set in their old ways— all while confronting gender inequality and the lack of self-awareness of overt masculinity… but all seen throug...
  • Hold Me Right
    Hold Me Right
    Posted by : Danijela Stajnfeld
    Hold Me Right follows both survivors and perpetrators through the harrowing journey of speaking up, healing, and moving forward. ​
  • Ruby Days
    Ruby Days
    Posted by : Noah Wong
    Red is a boy who lives in his own imaginary world and shares all his fantasies with his best friend Ruby. The treatments for his illusions eventually come to an end, and he has to say goodbye to all his fantasies.
  • Orville + Bob
    Orville + Bob
    Posted by : Kim Soleau
    ORVILLE + BOB is the story of two individuals from incredibly different backgrounds who came together after a serendipitous encounter in Manhattan in 1971. More than the story of their meeting, this is the story of how these men have stayed together ...
  • The New Abolitionists
    The New Abolitionists
    Posted by : Christina Zorich
    We follow four NGOs (non-governmental organizations) throughout Southeast Asia that are struggling to end sex trafficking and save as many children, girls and women as possible.
    Posted by : AMY CARLSON
    A grieving NYPD detective's attempt to connect with her deceased friend's family gives her unexpected insight into the mystery surrounding her death.
  • Walk With Me
    Walk With Me
    Posted by : Isabel del Rosal
    As she braves life after divorce, a young mother must challenge herself to take some personal risks after finding love in an unexpected place.
  • Love Reaches Everywhere
    Love Reaches Everywhere
    Posted by : Sean Bloomfield
    Actor Gerard Butler embarks on a life-changing journey to see how his mother's favorite non-profit organization transforms the lives of children in some of the world's poorest countries.
  • Double Dragonz
    Double Dragonz
    Posted by : Rakim Johnson
    In the wake of the L Train shutdown, two best friends fight to save their struggling Brooklyn bar before they get evicted.
  • Shades Of You
    Shades Of You
    Posted by : Ade
    Andrew goes through an existential life changing transition as he walks the streets of Manhattan, NY.
  • SpiderMable -  a real life superhero story
    SpiderMable - a real life superhero story
    Posted by : Kelly Wolfert
    In the typical comic book superhero story arc, tragedy strikes, a superpower is revealed, and the hero must come to terms with their new abilities all while not losing track of who they are. But how often is that lived out in real-life ... especially...