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  • "LIGO"
    Posted by : Les Guthman
    The thrilling inside story of the discovery that topped NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC's list of “The top 20 Scientific Discoveries of the Decade," the discovery of gravitational waves from deep space, 2015-1017, which revolutionized our understanding of the ...
  • Age of Dysphoria
    Age of Dysphoria
    Posted by : Jessica Petelle
    A young woman (Laura Vandervoort) tracks down an elderly man (Gordon Pinsent) to make amends for the tragedy that devastated both of their lives.
  • Come Back Lucky Cat
    Come Back Lucky Cat
    Posted by : Azumi Hasegawa
    After a night of losing at the Mahjong table, Harry is desperate for a way to win back his money. He happens upon a small sugar cane juice shop in the middle of Hong Kong. While he waits for Vae to pour his juice, he is struck by a magical lucky cat ...
  • Masterminds
    Posted by : Kurt Wright
    Confined to the police interrogation room, a pair of wannabe criminals argue over who betrayed who when the loot goes missing.
  • To Survive This Rescue
    To Survive This Rescue
    Posted by : Steven Romano
    The concept of the ambulance is as old as the stone age and it was indeed at this level that New York City's Emergency Medical Service operated at in the 1970s. Even today, with ambulance response in high demand because of Covid - 19, both rescui...
    Posted by : Ivy Rhodes
    Claire meets her father Doug at a tea shop and they both have big news.
  • Release
    Posted by : Adel L Morales
    “Maverick” comes home to the Bronx, after twenty-one years, suffering from the traumas of abuse and neglect, that go hand-in-hand with our American prison systems.
  • Drown the Clown
    Drown the Clown
    Posted by : Sinclair Rankin
    Drown the Clown is the story of an escalation between an abusive dunk tank clown and a father who gets more caught up in the game than he intended.
    Posted by : Don Close
    Based on a true story. A day in the life of Charlie, a 75 year old man. We follow him on his very special day around the streets of NYC. A story of true love and loss.
  • Middle of Somewhere
    Middle of Somewhere
    Posted by : Gary Cook
    Jaden Thompson, a recent college grad, is completely broke. With no other options left, he makes the move from his hustle-heavy lifestyle in The City back to the more residential, reserved, and predominantly white neighborhood of his hometown, Lakewo...
  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
    Posted by : Elise Finnerty
    When two brothers go out for a hunt, an unfortunate accident leaves Devin, alone, desperate in the woods to find help. But as the story unfolds things aren’t as they seem.
  • La Consultation ( The Consultation )
    La Consultation ( The Consultation )
    Posted by : Morgan Cini
    This story deals with Aniès, an arrogant woman, who thinks that she perfectly handles her future, until she meets someone who will predict the exact opposite of her beliefs ...
  • How Am I Doing?
    How Am I Doing?
    Posted by : Jennifer Plotzke
    A serio-comic deep dive into the world of recovering alcoholic Eli Meyer, a charming, not quite handsome fading actor, walking us through the small victories, humor and bittersweet joys of middle age. A real-life perspective of family, addiction and ...
  • Todo va mejorando (Things are looking up)
    Todo va mejorando (Things are looking up)
    Posted by : Alessandro Squitti
    Immersed in her phone, a girl uses a Taxi-GO! App. The driver is a little unusual. He likes flowers.
  • Daffodil (Short Film)
    Daffodil (Short Film)
    Posted by : Nicola
    A trip through the psyche of an apathetic workaholic in the sudden wake of her estranged mother's death.
    Posted by : Matthew
    Two children are trapped inside during a lethal heatwave when a criminal arrives, begging for shelter.
  • Bullied
    Posted by : Thomas Keith
    Bullied is a documentary feature that examines the causes, consequences, and solutions to bullying in schools and wider culture.
    Posted by : Jim Harkins
    Paul Barton has a perfect life, a hot thirty-five-year-old girlfriend. But everything is about to change when he finds out he'll be a first-time father at the age of fifty.
  • That Was Delicious
    That Was Delicious
    Posted by : Nela Wagman
    A woman whose outer life seems perfect finds herself at a bitter moment of truth.
  • Pot Luck
    Pot Luck
    Posted by : Jane Wells
    Five years after the people of Colorado voted to legalize recreational cannabis, Pot Luck presents a colorful cast of locals including businessmen, budtenders, barbers, cops, and farmers, who all share a stake in the brand new world of legalized pot....