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Cinema Village
22 E. 12th Street
New York,NY,US,
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Manhattan Film Festival
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05/04/2019 05:00 PM
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05/04/2019 07:00 PM

Her mother is dead. Her fiancé is now her ex. And the airline lost her luggage. This begins Nina’s first trip to Los Angeles. As a deathbed promise to her mother, Nina vows to find her sister Carrie who moved to L.A. years ago and hasn’t communicated with her family in a while. Nina’s only clue is an apartment address in The Valley. Her journey as a novice detective is helped, but frequently hindered, by a variety of self-absorbed Angelenos. This includes Carrie's spiritual, earthy roommate Yasmina, the polyamorous writer couple Jack and Prudence, two detectives who aren’t on speaking terms with each other, a fastidious money man and his pug, and a surprising romance. Nina’s quest leads her to The Superior, the enigmatic leader of an organization who Nina believes holds the key to the whereabouts of Carrie. Nina continues digging deeper into a side of Los Angeles that outsiders rarely see in her quest to find her sister and get Closure.
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