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  • OTB Finish Line
    OTB Finish Line
    For nearly 40 years, Off-Track Betting was New York City's only legal gambling operation. From 1971 to 2010, horse racing fans could walk into one of OTB's nearly 100 storefront parlors and legally gamble on horse races taking place all over the US w...
  • First Date
    First Date
    It is love at first digital sight when retired urbanite Rober Holton meets Lee online, that is, until Lee stands Rob up on their first in-person date. With everything in question, Rob must then decide if he will let it go or confront Lee and fight fo...
  • The Bride in the Box
    The Bride in the Box
    Everybody loves a ghost story. Until it happens to them. ‘The Bride in the Box’ follows Iris, the imaginative daughter of Don and Heather, on a vacation in Maine. When Heather’s job delays her, Don and Iris move into their rental house alone, f...
  • Green Kola
    Green Kola
    In New York City, France's top photographer, Antoine Verglas, is hired to shoot the campaign of the year, with America's Sweetheart, Nina Finch. Green Kola is a satire mockumentary, based on the inner workings of the opportunistic players that revolv...
    Nick and Sara were comfortably platonic roommates. Then came three months of quarantine... a silly, strange, and sweet mini-webseries about the life-changing potential of spending a bunch of time with somebody you thought you knew.
  • Tempest Tossed
    Tempest Tossed
    Stephano’s Restaurant is staffed by characters out of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This night is no different than any other until they “espy” the gorgeous Miranda through their secret peephole. The chefs then come up with alternate plans to ca...
  • Exposé
    A wine-soaked night leads to a twisted game of "Truth or Dare" that has Jack, Hank and Susan hiding a secret that could destroy their lives. Angie scrambles to uncover the devastating lie at the heart of her life. Can Angie's crazy game sabotage thei...
  • Shrinker
    A therapist takes a patient undergoing an existential crisis to an encounter group, only to find himself entangled in the same issues as well.
  • Dormancy
    1932. At the height of the growing American eugenics movement, the state of Vermont passes a law allowing for sexual sterilization of "idiots, imbeciles, or feeble-minded persons." Dormancy follows a young immigrant woman and her husband as they face...
  • West Winds
    West Winds
    The survivor of an unknown apocalypse struggles to navigate the physical and mental hardships of isolation. When all hope is lost, a stray dog enters their life and reminds them of what it means to be alive.
    A newlywed couple is forced to take the stairs up to their hotel room on the night of their wedding when the elevator is out of order.
  • Otra Vida: A Celebration of the Immigrant
    Otra Vida: A Celebration of the Immigrant
    “Otra Vida” explores three converging immigrant stories as they grapple with their experience to achieve the American Dream. The film begins with the arrival of Pepe, a young boy from Mexico, to the United States on a mission to find his uncle ...
  • B.L.M Voices
    B.L.M Voices
    The world witnessed the murder of George Floyd, bringing millions of people out onto the streets around the planet in protest turning many into first time activists. This is the story of one such activist.
  • A Best Man
    A Best Man
    On his best friend’s wedding day, Josh proves a best man can only do so much to make sure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom.
  • Undergrads
    With college drawing to a close, a group of friends are left to re-examine themselves and their relationships over the course of a weekend.
  • The Other Side - A Portrait of Nikki Bell
    The Other Side - A Portrait of Nikki Bell
    The Other Side is a portrait of Nikki Bell and her journey from a teen sex trafficking survivor to a powerful advocate for other survivors in Worcester, MA. Over the past 8 years, she’s set up an extensive network of support services to help women ...
  • American Dream
    American Dream
    A recovering addict suffers the dangers and indignities of gig work in the wealthy homes of the privileged few.
  • County
    The biggest secret in politics is the smallest office you could possibly run for--County Committee.
  • For the Love of Art
    For the Love of Art
    Art, money and sanity collide - often ungracefully - within the walls of a reputable Manhattan gallery, transforming the high-end space into an unsuspecting stage offering an inside look at the peculiar world of fine art. The series stars Jim Kempner...
  • Out of Breath
    Out of Breath
    After a confrontation leaves a police officer dead, charismatic out-of-work actor Jean-Michel tries to convince Audrey, a hip street photographer, to flee the city with him. Set at the height of the George Floyd protests against the surreal backdrop...