Is You Is?

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Is You Is?
Is You Is?
This third installment in the Candice & Peter series finds them at a birthday brunch at Chef Steve's restaurant. While Peter and her family wait upstairs to cut her cake, Candice realizes s
Production : complete
Posted By : Michael Mason


  • Leanne Melissa Bishop as Candice
  • Kelly Perine as Peter
  • Curtis Webster as Richard
  • Irene Nester as Francine
  • Marla Black as Lila
  • Jay Maddox as Chaz
  • Steve Samson as Chef Steve


  • Dir.: Kelly Perine
  • Dir.: Bry Thomas Sanders
  • Prod.: Leanne Melissa Bishop
  • Prod.: Michael P. Mason
  • Prod.: Kelly Perine
  • Written by Leanne Melissa Bishop
  • Written by Kelly Perine


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