Persimmon Night 柿柿如意

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Persimmon Night 柿柿如意
Persimmon Night 柿柿如意
A mail-order bride on the way to meet her new husband for the first time, searches for a public restroom in Chinatown to no avail. Desperate to go, she asks a stranger for help.
Production : complete
Posted By : Scarlett Li


  • Tracy Ju 祝儀
  • Jian Zhang 张大坚
  • Alyssa Naka Silver シルバー中有紗


  • Eloise Santa Maria
  • Dan Ran 冉聃
  • Hillia Aho
  • Tommy Alexander
  • Xiachen Zhou 周夏辰
  • Feng Guo 郭峰


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