Old Blue Eyes

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Old Blue Eyes
Old Blue Eyes
OLD BLUE EYES is based on a true story of a New York City-based Frank Sinatra impersonator (known as ‘MICKEY’ in the film) who developed early on-set Alzheimer’s as he got older. Paire
Production : complete
Posted By : Manhattan Film Festival


  • MICKEY - Jeffrey Farber
  • CHARLIE - Nicholas Charles
  • RYAN - Ty Courtad
  • GRACE - Andrea Edgerson
  • CASEY - Adrian Eppley
  • GUY - James Sindall
  • VIN - James Conticello


  • DIRECTED BY: Christian J. Parkinson
  • SCREENPLAY BY: Christian J. Parkinson & Nicholas Charles
  • PRODUCED BY: Nicholas Charles, Christian J. Parkinson, & James Sindall
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mike Hammond & Thad Huston
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Tim O'Brien, Michael F. Platt Jr, Chris Coyne, & Hajin Gyeltshen

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