Bombs Bursting In Air

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Bombs Bursting In Air
Bombs Bursting In Air
Amidst the Coney Island backdrop of fireworks on July 4th, 1949, Della, a battered, young black woman leaves her husband in pursuit of a brighter future. Her courageous journey leads her to
Production : complete
Posted By : Manhattan Film Festival


  • Sydney Sainte
  • Andrew Ramaglia
  • Christopher Watson
  • Jonathan Freeman
  • Hamilton Matthews
  • Brian Monahan


  • Directed by: Lidiya Korotko
  • Written by: Sydney Sainte
  • Edited by: Shiran Amir
  • Cinematography: Jason Joseffer
  • Composer: The Angel
  • Producers: Lidiya Korotko, Brian P. Clark, The Angel
  • Executive Producers: Yuriy Karnovsky, Alex Bulat, Lidiya Korotko

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