"Hide The Sausage"

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"Hide The Sausage"
"Hide The Sausage"
Eddie "The Sausage" Zambri has been released from prison after serving eight years. He must avoid all the wrong people, make amends with his daughter, see his father, and then leave the cou
Production : complete
Posted By : Joe Benedetto


  • Joseph D'Onofrio
  • Christopher Halladay
  • Kelly Driscoll
  • Audra Van Hees
  • Patrick Collins
  • TrajectoryFilms
  • Rachel McPhee
  • Toni Vitale


  • TrajectoryFilms
  • Courtney E. Hansen
  • Kate Balandina
  • Kenneth Kotowski
  • Cecilia Potenza
  • Matt Noble

Box office : $560.00

No of Events : 1