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A burglar stuck in a closet during a robbery finds out way more about himself than he wants to know and more about the couple he's robbing than they know themselves.
Production : complete
Posted By : Lisanne Sartor


  • Matthew Henerson as The Burglar
  • Becky Wu as Vicki
  • Jamison Reeves as Phil
  • Karen Tarleton as Mila
  • Joanna Bacalso as Lola


  • Lisanne Sartor, Director
  • Lisanne Sartor, Writer
  • XiaoLin Yu, Producer
  • Lisanne Sartor, Producer
  • Sevdije Kastrati, Cinematographer
  • Josh Porro and Jeremy Lerman, Editors
  • Nancy Garber, Production Designer
  • Karol Urban, Sound Designer

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