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  • Near Sight
    Near Sight
    Gabriel’s life is about to change forever. When he learns of a disease that will take his ability to see, he not only struggles with his own feelings, but the changes that are to come for his wife Isabel. On one of their last days together “as things were,” the couple both struggle with the past and the future. The fear of change blinds them to what is important, right in front of their eyes...
  • BROKE(N)
    BROKE(N) offers a revealing look at the challenges everyday Americans face in a world of stagnant wages, increasing inflation, and unpredictable government aid. Set in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the documentary introduces a diverse group of a dozen individuals chosen at random who discuss in intimate detail their finances and their experiences with low-wage jobs, skyrocketing student debt, the dysfu...
  • The Walk Up
    The Walk Up
    The first year of life in a new city can be filled with ups and downs--especially when you move into a 6th floor walk up. The Walk Up explores life in the halls of a Manhattan apartment building and the mind of a young woman from Texas as she tries to find her place in it.
  • The Game
    The Game
    Set in early 2000’s suburbia, The Game portrays a bewilderingly tense period in eight year old George’s life. One night, as he attempts to drown out his parents' constant and escalating conflicts by gluing his eyes to his Gameboy, he's startled by the sound of a deafening scream coming from his mother's bedroom. Based on a true story.
  • Balloon Animal
    Balloon Animal
    A young circus performer, Poppy Valentine, is stuck under the harsh demands of her father and their community's expectations. But while on a quick night out to let loose and have some fun with her friends, she finds herself captivated by small-town America, which then forces her to question everything.
  • Mermaids
    Two twenty-something former best friends Margo and Celeste meet again at a bachelorette party in their hometown in Cornwall, UK, but under the waves of disappointment and failure, will the reunion cause them to sink or swim?
  • The 90s Club
    The 90s Club
    A charming documentary that showcases the vibrant wisdom and life lessons of a dozen diverse individuals between the ages of 90- and 99-years old. Through the touching and open stories shared by the “cast” of “The 90s Club” (including beloved actor Dick Van Dyke), we can gain some perspective for our own lives as we grow older.
  • Summer Reverie
    Summer Reverie
    “Summer Reverie” is about Simon's frustrating experience trying to reestablish a relationship with his first love. When he is forced to confront a harsh reality far short of his idealistic expectations, Simon's reason starts to fall apart.
    AMERICA BOXED IN explores the impact of the intermodal container industry on the political, economic, and strategic landscape of the 21st Century. From the dispersion of global power to the incredible divisions in political systems to the meteoric rise of China - this simple steel box is dramatically changing every aspect of our globalized world.
  • The Vow
    The Vow
    The Vow is the story of a young woman trapped in a cross-cultural contract marriage, who devises the ultimate means of escape.