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    John is a single dad who manages a diner, but there's more to him than meets the eye.
  • For Marie
    For Marie
    On the anniversary of her death, a struggling musician seeks to honor the memory of his wife.
  • 'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds
    'Miracles on College St.' Daddy & Daughter Tread on Deathbeds
    A true story about a man with cancer. His 1 lb. newborn. And their fight for life. In June of 2009 Chris Hennessy was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. On August 3, 2009 he endured radical prostatectomy cancer surgery at Stanford Hospital.
  • Stall
    An unexpected call from her little brother turns Jules' world upside down.
  • Good Men and Unicorns
    Good Men and Unicorns
    Having lost his mother when he was a boy, Eli goes on aimlessly through life with just his passion for movies to keep him company--that is, until he meets Anne. Anne is an aging, former actress whose career was derailed before its prime by the loss of her infant son. She too lives a life devoid of purpose--that is, until she meets Eli. In each other, one finds a mother and the other a son.
    Tessa Wren is a struggling New York actor in a Method acting class. When her sense memory exercise gets derailed with an appointment from her agent, Tessa’s training is put to the test as her audition for Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL goes very, very wrong. Now Tessa must act as if her life depends on it... literally.
  • Adam
    'ADAM is a coming-of-age story about a teenage girl, Elizabeth, and her best friend Adam, her dog. Elizabeth and her single parent mother live together. However, because Elizabeth's mother is usually away on business trips Elizabeth is often alone. Elizabeth is also an only child, and craves a genuine connection with someone. Due to her many bad experiences trying to make friends in the past, Eliz...
  • WanderlustDance: Puerto Rico
    WanderlustDance: Puerto Rico
    An aging dancer travels across Puerto Rico, interviewing family, friends of friends, and strangers to learn about the US territory’s complicated history and recovery from Hurricane Maria while reflecting on her bicultural identity. Dancing on some of the archipelago’s most picturesque and historical sites, she explores the culture, politics, resilience and compassion of the Puerto Rican People...
  • Near Sight
    Near Sight
    Gabriel’s life is about to change forever. When he learns of a disease that will take his ability to see, he not only struggles with his own feelings, but the changes that are to come for his wife Isabel. On one of their last days together “as things were,” the couple both struggle with the past and the future. The fear of change blinds them to what is important, right in front of their eyes...
  • BROKE(N)
    BROKE(N) offers a revealing look at the challenges everyday Americans face in a world of stagnant wages, increasing inflation, and unpredictable government aid. Set in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the documentary introduces a diverse group of a dozen individuals chosen at random who discuss in intimate detail their finances and their experiences with low-wage jobs, skyrocketing student debt, the dysfu...