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    Posted by : Diana Lenska
    Award winning dramedy set in 1948 Wilmington, NC. Plot twists and turns and a triple surprise ending!
  • Dheeyan Marjania - The Forgotten Daughters
    Dheeyan Marjania - The Forgotten Daughters
    Posted by : Ray Walia
    Dheeyan Marjania “The Forgotten Daughters” Run Time: 104 Minutes A Movie Targeting Female Feticide & Gender Inequality Short Synopsis Although Punjab (An Indian Province) has a grand history as far as the social, cultural and religious aspects of human life are concerned but it is deplorable and miserable that even in twenty first century, they have not been able to get rid of their ...
  • Love Letters Are Ridiculous
    Love Letters Are Ridiculous
    Posted by : Alvarina Silva
    Feature film directed by Alvarina Souza Silva. Brazil, 100' 2014. ” Love Letters Are Ridiculous " it's inspired by the homonymous poem by the great Portuguese Writer Fernando Pessoa
  • 47 Minutes
    47 Minutes
    Posted by : Austin Wilson
    Three perfect strangers: a selfless flight attendant, a down-and-out paramedic, and an overworked lawyer go about a normal day when a single act puts their seemingly separate lives on a collision course culminating at the moment that defined our generation.
    Posted by : Maggie Kaszuba
    A high school basketball player struggles with depression, relationships with peers, and self confidence. When she feels as all is lost, the last person she expected reaches out to save her.
  • (See Me) I'm in Here!
    (See Me) I'm in Here!
    Posted by : Kelli
    (See Me) I’m in Here! is a silent film that uses the medium of dance to tell the story. There are 9 mental illnesses represented in the film. Even though their problems are all different, they all feel the same. (See Me) I'm in Here! is a film about teens begging to be seen, begging to be heard.
  • Natasha [81 Minutes]
    Natasha [81 Minutes]
    Posted by : Harry Nott
    A quiet young man comes to a university and meets a girl, Natasha, who slowly becomes his fixation and his life begins revolving around her. As the two fall in love, he finds himself plagued by horrific dreams that he cannot understand and terrifying premonitions that threaten to consume him as their relationship disintegrates around him, pushing him further and further to psychological collapse.
  • Paradise
    Posted by : Jing Ge
    “Miracle only happens if you believe it.” In Issac’s childhood, an accident on the sea took away all of his family, and he was the only survivor. He told people a mermaid saved him, but nobody believed that. They thought the mermaid Isaac saw is just an illusion when he was about to die. However, Isaac clings to the belief that what he had experienced is real, and he is always expecting t...
  • Red Ribbon, a love story
    Red Ribbon, a love story
    Posted by : Andrea
    A run in the woods, a dive in the past seeking a better future. There is a red ribbon linking the destiny of a young runner in 2014 to the one of a young "partigiano" in 1944. A ribbon that both tie to their wrist. Between the trails escaped from the wilderness of the Val Grande, the young chases relax and rest, fleeing from the daily routine. The young, hunted, on the same trails tries to esc...
  • Occupants
    Posted by : Russ
    'Occupants' is a film about Annie Curtis, an award-winning documentarian and her husband Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a '30 Days of Clean Living' documentary, setting up cameras all over their house to document, via the Internet, their new eating habits. By doing so, half of their cameras capture a parallel version of themselves - a version that ultimately unravels and threatens their very exist...