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  • Safer in Silence
    Safer in Silence
    Posted by : Corinne Niox Chateau
    At sixteen, Corinne receives a phone call from a mysterious woman in a heavy foreign accent, claiming to be her grandmother. The woman tells Corinne she has found her through a private detective, has just arrived from Brazil, and can they meet. Thus begins a lifetime quest to understand her family’s hidden past. Uncovering Jewish roots, Corinne is pulled on a complex journey that spans 30 years ...
  • The Della Morte Sisters
    The Della Morte Sisters
    Posted by : Judith Anna Di Donato
    A recent death in the family brings three sisters together where they discover a shared dark past that changes everything they thought they knew about each other and their family.
  • Forged in Flint
    Forged in Flint
    Posted by : Nicholas Dimichino
    Small business owners and entrepreneurs in Flint have decided to start building the future they want to see. And it’s working.
  • A Brooklyn Christmas
    A Brooklyn Christmas
    Posted by : Drew Henriksen
    After an early demise, Brooklyn wiseguy Tony C. is sent back to Earth to look over a young fireman for the Christmas season. With another aspiring angel, Horatio, they try to help Jerry and the neighborhood in a Martin and Lewis-style story. With old school class in modern day Brooklyn, the angelic duo rallies the diverse community in this holiday tale.
  • The Pool Party
    The Pool Party
    Posted by : Down By Pictures
    A recently divorced woman hosts a brunch to introduce her mean spirited brothers to her new boyfriend.
  • Drowning
    Posted by : Annegato Films
    Family problems resurface from the depths when a father’s death (by drowning) forces his children to pause their petty quarrels and attend his Italian funeral.
  • Surrender Me
    Surrender Me
    Posted by : Chris Del Sordo
    As a distraught man struggles to overcome a personal tragedy, an unexpected twist of fate changes everything.
  • Shooting Heroin
    Shooting Heroin
    Posted by : Spencer Folmar
    A small town community comes together to eradicate the heroin epidemic from its midst by whatever means necessary.
  • Is You Is?
    Is You Is?
    Posted by : Michael Mason
    This third installment in the Candice & Peter series finds them at a birthday brunch at Chef Steve's restaurant. While Peter and her family wait upstairs to cut her cake, Candice realizes she is late, in more ways than one!
  • Crappy Mother’s Day
    Crappy Mother’s Day
    Posted by : Dan Karlok
    Three generations of women get together on Mother’s Day. Wackiness ensues.