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  • Film Shorts Series
    Film Shorts Series
    "AT LAST" (Anna Skrypka) 9:56,"iGIRL" (Tara Jones) 4:48, "OCCUPANTS" (Russell Emanuel) 1:18, "SEE ME, I'M IN HERE!" (Kelli Gautrea) 3:00, "THE PLAGUE DOCTOR" (Emanuele Mengotti) 2:57,"DA VINCI PROJECT" (Alain Escalle) 5:20, "THE EXORCISM DIARIES" (S.C. McCullough) 2:30
  • One
    Posted by : Shady salah
    A girl gets a phone call from a stranger in the middle of the night asking her to help him as he is going to kill himself. He told her that she is the only one who can help him not to commit suicide. He gives her a riddle to solve and by solving this riddle she will know how to find him and save him.
  • Harvest
    Posted by : Kim Sønderholm
    John is a doctor at day, organ harvester at night
  • The Exorcism Diaries
    The Exorcism Diaries
    Posted by : S.C. McCullough
    A team of priests are dispatched to explore a solution to a possession epidemic.
  • 30 minutes
    30 minutes
    Posted by : Will
    A single mother lives in NYC with 3 teens 2 at home and 1 at the hospital work 3 jobs 12 hours everyday or more sometime for the past 3 years, never rest Struggling to pay her bills and she's about to get kicked out of her house, because she's behind on the rent and there's no way out!
  • The Immaculate Misconception
    The Immaculate Misconception
    Posted by : Michael Geoghegan
    This is a story about belief, family and honor. Sinead O’Reilly is a pregnant 16-year-old schoolgirl living in West Belfast with her grandparents Daniel and Bronagh O’Reilly. Bronagh is the matriarch of this dysfunctional family and a devout, pious, dour Catholic to boot, who will stop at nothing to maintain her standing in a community that doesn’t want her. Sinead’s underage pregnancy i...
  • Return of the Free China Junk
    Return of the Free China Junk
    Posted by : Robin Greenberg
    Magic is woven by the oldest wooden Chinese sailing junk of its kind when some dreamers decide to save her from a fate of firewood.
  • The IBUR Connection
    The IBUR Connection
    Posted by : Joe Diamand
    A film about miracles. Running time: 1 Hour 18 minutes
    Posted by : Alain Escalle
    A visual diary of Renaissance's World
  • The Plague Doctor
    The Plague Doctor
    Posted by : Emanuele Mengotti
    Upon being called to care for an elderly writer, a young doctor finds himself trapped in a deranged mix of reality, the obsure legend of an ancient italian mask and the echos of a timeless love.