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  • The Show Must Go On
    The Show Must Go On
    At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic and in the midst of a PPE crisis, Broadway’s resilient community comes together to create the infrastructure to supply frontline medical workers with desperately needed hospital gowns.
  • HomeBound
    Agoraphobia: "extreme or irrational fear of entering open or crowded places, of leaving one's own home, or of being in places from which escape is difficult." ​HomeBound is the story of Jamie Rockwell, a woman burdened by severe agoraphobia. After losing her therapy dog, she must muster the courage within, not only to find her dog, but ultimately, to find herself.
  • The Storm
    The Storm
    Brian, a late twenty-something, career-driven man, recently broke off an engagement with the love of his life, Jessica. But when a freak storm transports him into his old engagement photo, Brian discovers how his actions truly affected his future. Bound by time and space, he can only change one particular moment in time, the moment his engagement photo was captured. In a desperate attempt to chang...
  • Deadpan
    Roy has just lost the love of his life and after years of silence, his stepson Luke is coming for a visit.
  • The Surge at Mount Sinai
    The Surge at Mount Sinai
    The Surge at Mount Sinai is a feature-length documentary that tells the intimate story of front line healthcare workers in New York City during the devastating COVID-19 surge in the spring of 2020. This film exists in mourning and memoriam for all of the citizens of New York--and the human family--who lost their lives to COVID-19. We created The Surge to share and amplify the untold stories of ...
  • Last Laugh
    Last Laugh
    Last Laugh is a noir mystery comedy about a young man who moves into a slummy New York City apartment with an unexpected occupant, the intolerable ghost of Maury Zuckerman, a legendarily bad stand up comedian.
  • An Encounter With Banting
    An Encounter With Banting
    In 2022, the world is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of Insulin, and the man who won Canada’s first Nobel Prize for it: Sir Frederick Grant Banting. But there is an untold story to this famous Canadian scientist turned artist, anthropologist, advocate for the Inuit and philosopher. This is a first person narrative as told by Banting’s detailed journal up until the day befo...
    After her comedy video with the school baseball team goes viral, a plus-size broadcasting student discovers that locker room talk is more than just talk.
  • Go Fetch Club
    Go Fetch Club
    Something smells in Josie's life and it's not Just the dog shit she picks up for a living while employed by a bougie dog walking company. When Josie is hired walking precious pooches for New York's one percent her life starts to implode as her two worlds chaotically and comedically intersect.
  • A Mother's Choice
    A Mother's Choice
    A mother who is about to be sent away for a long time wants to say goodbye to her son. but he's in a youth house.