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  • As It Seems
    As It Seems
    Posted by : Nancy Menagh
    A 1960's housewife, believing her husband is having an affair with the maid, makes a drastic decision. But we soon discover that not everything is as it seems.
  • Surprise Me!
    Surprise Me!
    Posted by : Nancy goodman
    Genie Burns is a surprise party planner who hates surprises. Though she takes crazy risks in her professional life, when it comes to men she plays it safe. Her partner Steven is gay which makes him safe. Danny, her friend from college would be perfect for her but she keeps him in the friend zone. Safe again. Along comes Jeff. She falls into a passionate love where she becomes reactive, not herself...
  • Outside The Lines
    Outside The Lines
    Posted by : Joshua Jacobs
    Insecurities / shifting priorities test a long-standing friendship between two pro basketball players.
  • Life Hack
    Life Hack
    Posted by : Sloan Copeland
    Charlie (Derek Wilson, Preacher) finds out that his best friend Bobby, (Dylan Pinter) is being digitally blackmailed by the infamously unidentifiable Moraler, a glorified cyber bully who many believe is the mastermind behind the rampant anti-establishment hacks. After friend of a friend Carolyn (Jessica Copeland) comes to him for help with her own hacked life’s savings, Charlie and his friend Ja...
  • Perception (Short Film)
    Perception (Short Film)
    Posted by : David Cruz
    A young boy, the son of a Mexican Immigrant, can draw anything from his memory to Perfection. Yet he perceives the world differently and shows this in his art.
  • Illegal Aliens
    Illegal Aliens
    Posted by : J&K Schaack
    A SCI-FI / COMEDY / SATIRE THAT'S IRONICALLY HUMAN. Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city council meeting to determine if the town should officially ban the newcomers.
    Posted by : Silvio Coutinho
    Synopsis 1: Past lives in Century 19th are together again in present days. They came back to correct an injustice with a slave and to avoid that it repeats now with a homeless. Synopsis 2: Brazil, year of 1817. A slave is unjstly accused of rape and severely punished. Close to death, he implores for extreme unction. 200 years later a black man is accused of homicide and will be judged by the on...
    Posted by : Silvio Coutinho
    A documentary about the famous Brazilian CANGACEIRO Lampião and the invasion of the city Mossoró in the twenties. Mossoró fought and Lampião and his group had to run out to Ceará, in a huge battle which the mossoroenses were the winners.
  • RUTH DE SOUZA - an human being we want to remember - 2013
    RUTH DE SOUZA - an human being we want to remember - 2013
    Posted by : Silvio Coutinho
    Documentary about the brillant actress known by TV, movies and theatrical plays in Brazil and abroad. The film reveals her sweet personality and her efforts to reach a respectful career.
  • The Man with a Glove (O Mão de Luva) 2007
    The Man with a Glove (O Mão de Luva) 2007
    Posted by : Silvio Coutinho
    Historical documentary about Manoel Henriques, an outlaw who lived in Brazil by the the half-ending of Century 18 and was pursuid by Portuguese Crown and famous Brazilian hero caleed "Tiradentes".