One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal- Event

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One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal

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Cinema Village
22 E. 12th St.
New York,NY,US,
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Manhattan Film Festival
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04/26/2019 03:00 PM
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04/26/2019 05:00 PM

In 2009, an unprecedented 1,176 Atlanta teachers were investigated for test cheating; 85 were indicted, 12 went to trial and found guilty on RICO charges typically reserved for the mafia and drug lords. Convicted and sentenced to upward of 30 years in prison, the guilty finally break their silence in "One Child Left Behind: The Untold Atlanta Cheating Scandal". Was the controversial legislation called No Child Left Behind to blame for such widespread cheating in Atlanta public schools - or did politics, race and the power struggle for control of 50 million federal dollars play a significant role? Find out in this powerful documentary film featuring exclusive interviews by 6 of the convicted, the whistle blowers, the accused, the cheaters, the prosecution, the DA, the defense attorneys and the students "left behind".
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