Career Opportunities

Break into the Film Industry working with Manhattan Film Festival! There is currently over a million dollars of technology in place. We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs capable to sell it, develop it, and eventually cash out with a possible IPO. This is not a job, this is a business opportunity. With initial commission potentially beyond real estate or financial institutions. Plus you're breaking into a coveted industry.

A goal of a start-up is often to disrupt an industry. How do we do this?
Every writer, director, filmmaker, and actor is desperate for a manager, agent, or investors. We created the first virtual talent agency, production company, and investment firm. Manhattan Film Festival was built to facilitate all stages of the filmmaking cycle. Through Manhattan Film Festival, filmmakers can utilize the JOBS Act to raise investment dollars for their films. In short, the JOBS Act was signed into law to let entrepreneurs use crowdfunding as a vehicle for investment. Instead of offering cheap perks, they can offer an investment opportunity for their production. To improve their chances of funding, they can sign a marketable star. Unlike other platforms we offer a high level of transparency. After the funding is received, filmmakers can use the site to post jobs, receive bids from industry professionals, license music for use in film, book theaters, and sell tickets. This entire process can be tracked online by investors. Unlike anything else in the marketplace.

The Opportunity
We are seeking entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to do something big and earn significant commission and equity. Ideally we are looking for people with experience in real estate, financial services, or talent management. Your main responsibility will be recruiting clients and working with them to succeed on the site. Their success will also be yours as the site features numerous revenue streams including:
1. Equity Crowdfunding
2. Ticket Sales
3. Music Licensing 
4. Theater Rentals (Book a theater as simple as a hotel)
5. Talent Management
To give an idea of commission potential, if an equity crowdfunding project raises $500,000, the commission would be $25,000. In addition to commission there are also equity benchmarks. This will all be discussed during an initial meeting which will be held in Bay Ridge. If you are interested in attending please email We look forward to hearing from you!